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Team with red color is inactive. Inactive team plays only league games a and last 10 games are only league games.
RankTeamGamesWinsDrawsLostScorePointsNext season
1 Hallkjelsvik BF880038:024
2 Flogo880037:024
3 Dalbygden FF860230:518
4 Skillvassbakk BF80800:00
5 Erdal FF80710:50
6 Santier BFC80710:50
7 Eppeland BF80530:150
8 Grunnfjordbotn80530:150Qualification
9 Høyknes80530:150Qualification
10 Klaunes IF80530:150div1.1
11 Kvaafjord BF80530:150div1.2
12 Rullestad FF80530:150div1.3

Demotion relegation group

Group 1Buitres F.C., FC SISON, Atletico Patoruzu, AC Milan,
Group 2Yu-Yu Hakusho, Talleres U.S., St.Clair FC, Carolina Panthers FC,
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