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Team with red color is inactive. Inactive team plays only league games a and last 10 games are only league games.
RankTeamGamesWinsDrawsLostScorePointsNext season
1 Rock Hard FC880089:024
2 KompisLaget870155:321
3 FC Kick Ass870127:721
4 Stuvland BF860229:1218
5 FC KALMAR850322:1415
6 Isfjorden FC850313:2015
7 Bjørkelund FF840414:2512
8 AC Undertakers822412:328Qualification
9 Eid IF82159:287Qualification
10 Karnes IL80173:431div1.1
11 FC Larvik80080:400div1.2
12 Team Hovinihos FC80080:490div1.3

Demotion relegation group

Group 1Buitres F.C., FC SISON, Atletico Patoruzu, AC Milan,
Group 2Yu-Yu Hakusho, Talleres U.S., St.Clair FC, Carolina Panthers FC,
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