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Team with red color is inactive. Inactive team plays only league games a and last 10 games are only league games.
RankTeamGamesWinsDrawsLostScorePointsNext season
1 Atlètico de Troll111100109:233
2 ˚Рąѓąşїțє Ӝ111001120:430
3 FC Fuckups1190268:1727
4 FC KALMAR1170433:3621
5 FC Kick Ass1161425:3419
6 AC Undertakers1160516:3518
7 Bjørkelund FF1150631:5215
8 Stuvland BF1131718:6310Qualification
9 Eid IF1130814:549Qualification
10 FortySix&21120914:536div1.1
11 Karnes IL1120911:536div1.2
12 Team Hovinihos FC110293:592div1.3

Demotion relegation group

Group 1CROW RAVEN, Victory Island, Atletico Patoruzu, Armenian Devils,
Group 2Santos FC, AC Milan, University of Rochester, Atherton,
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Table for The Zone


Best teams - count of TOP3 position

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